Reliability Courses

  • 5 Days RELIABILITY CONCEPT  on Mar 20 - 24 , 2016  in Jubail, KSA. Read More.
  • 3 Days ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS MEMBER  on Apr 03 - 05 , 2016  in Jubail, KSA. Read More.
  • 3 Days RELIABILITY CENTERED MAINTENANCE on Apr 08 - 12, 2016  in Jubail, KSA. Read More.
  • 5 Days OPERATION/MAINTENANCE RELIABILITY BEST PRACTICES on Apr 10 - 14, 2016  in Jubail, KSA. Read More.
  • 5 Days RELIABILITY CONCEPT  on Apr 17 - 21 , 2016  in Jubail, KSA. Read More.
  • 5 Days ROOT CAUSE ANALYSIS LEADER on Apr 24 - 28, 2016  in Jubail, KSA. Read More.
  • 3 Days TROUBLESHOOTING (5 WHY) on Apr 26 - 28, 2016  in Jubail, KSA. Read More.
  • 5 Days 
      on Apr 18 - 22, 2016  2016 in Arizona, USA. Read More.

Safety, Operation, & Maintenance

  • 3 Days CRISIS MANAGEMENT on Apr 5 - 7, 2016  in Jubail, KSA. Read More.
  • 3 Days INCIDENT INVESTIGATION AND RCA  on Apr 10 - 12 , 2016  in Yanbu, KSA. Read More.
  • 3 Days TOTAL SAFETY CULTURE  on Apr 24 - 26 , 2016  in Yanbu, KSA. Read More.
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Key Personnel

Welcome to Reliability Expert Center

Reliability Expert Center is a training, development, consultancy and reliability software provider. The training is conducted in the field of reliability, safety & security, operation and maintenance, quality & management. The development is mainly focus on the reliability programs done for plant equipment, system and the organization. The reliability programs are comprehensive customized program that provide solutions depending on the business needs.

Our Globle partener ReliaSoft Corporation is the world leader in reliability engineering offers reliability software, training and consulting for reliability engineering.


To acquire local & international market by creating innovative, high quality reliability solutions & providing competitive advantage to our clients.

Our Services

  1. Training
  2. Software
  3. Consulting
  4. Development

Our training programs are conducted in a field of reliability, safety, security, operations, maintenance, quality & management. All our training programs are developed based on real industry needs, in-depth knowledge of the region and international standard and best practice. Our training methodology includes: real case studies, exercises, group discussions, educational movies etc. Our trainers are highly qualified & certified with extensive experience in each field. 

Reliability software tools facilitate a comprehensive set of reliability engineering modeling and analysis techniques. Comprehensive analytical power tools, easy to use and provides continuous unparalleled technical support.

  Global Partner:

Our consultancy services utilize the reliability concepts to improve plant performance and steer towards achieving Asset Performance Management excellence; whereby you will possess a reliable maintenance strategy, reduce maintenance cost, improve reliability, availability, maintainability, and eliminate bad actors and increased profitability. 

Our development programs are to recognize the professionals with the commitment and dediction to plan their personal training and development to achieve certification. We provide the following certification for professionals.

Our Reliability development programs are recognized throughout the world namely:

Our mission is to provide exceptional reliability training, development and consultancy services by promoting proper reliability methodologies and empower our customers to apply these methodologies in ways that will maximize their profitability while assuring the safety, reliability and quality of their products, processes and services.

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